Monday, 7 March 2016

Media, Public Relations. What really exists between these two?

The media and public relation in an organization share a mutually dependent kind of relationship were the other relies on the other to get information.

Public relations always involved the bigger picture and are all about how your organization is perceived by the community at large. This would include the press but also embraces your customers, your prospects, and members of the business community.

Meanwhile, media relations specifically involve building strong relationships with writes, producers, reporters and editors who are in a position to cover your company.
The media relies on public relations firms for information s like the press releases from government offices and PR organization also depend on the media to portray well of them before the masses.
 For instance, A PR organization is holding a press conference and invited some media houses and left some media houses and at the end of the day, those uninvited houses appear at the press conference and are not treated equally i.e. not giving them the soli or the brown envelope or were not giving transportation  or food. At the end of the day they will have a bad impression about that company and might begin to fish out whatever bad is in that organization.

That is the bad part of both relations but the good part is when you treat them well, your organization gets to be promoted well all the time.
To enhance the relationship between the media and public relations, the media or the public relations personnel need to possess some certain skills or some basic qualification that he or she need to keep up that relationship between them. Which are?

   Media writing skills
   Managing media related
 Media tracking

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